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Deborah redecorated my living room and my dining room, turning them from drab to dreamy! She was able to mix pieces that I owned with a few new items, creating an entirely updated look. Since she worked her magic, everyone who visits my house has commented about how terrific these rooms look. -- Sharon Vinick

We heard of Deborah from a friend of ours. We were just starting to decorate the inside of our house after putting in new hardwood floors. I was always buying the same style of accessories and wanted someone to come in a give my look an update. She incorporated pieces we had, but she also added much more style than I could have done on my own. Since then she has worked with several of my other friends. She was able to keep each of our own unique styles while bringing us all a fresh new look. We look forward to working with her on other redecorating projects in the near future. -- Natalie Newell

I didn't think I had good taste, so I always shopped at expensive stores to match what the magazines had in them. I decided I needed to work within a tight budget, so I contacted Deborah to help me out. Deborah convinced me that I had a good starting point and just needed to add the pieces that were missing. Not only did she make my home look amazing, she did it within a very limited budget - I'm still in shock about all of the wonderful things she bought with little money. I love my enhanced dining and living rooms! -- Kim Nunes